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2016 PHRF Handicaps for J/Boat Models

January 6, 2016

The relative speed of various models of J/Boats is listed below in seconds per nautical mile. The table shows relative predicted speed of each model compared to one of seven “control” J/Boats, each in a different speed range, whose actual performance has become widely known in many PHRF areas over many years. The “control” J/Boats used in this comparison are the J/44, J/35, J/29 (Masthead outboard), J/80, J92, J/30 and J/24. Assumptions are that:

1. Except where noted as “One Design”, each model conforms to all local PHRF definitions of an unmodified “base boat” with a base 155% genoa (depending on local regulations).

2. Maximum spinnaker size (without penalty) conforms to local PHRF regulations defining base spinnaker size, except where One Design definition of spinnaker size accompanies the speed prediction shown in the table below.

3. Wind strength averaging ten knots is used to predict relative speed. Because most J/Boats have similar characteristics in different wind strengths, this is a valid way to predict speed differences versus one of the “control” boats over a wide wind range.

4. PHRF numbers are recommended for each boat relative to the “Control” boat listed, based on two separate types of courses.
The first type of course can best be called “buoy racing” around government marks with a mix of beating, reaching and running – not always evenly mixed or even predictable from race to race. The second type of course is Windward/leeward - usually fairly short courses around portable set marks, because most high-profile PHRF racing occurs on this type of course. Relatively heavier cruising J designs with smaller draft/displacement ratio perform poorly on such courses. Likewise, designs which fly only Asymmetric spinnakers tacked to the centerline are at a slight disadvantage downwind against boats with symmetric spinnakers flown from poles- both speed wise and tactically. If courses used for racing are strictly windward-leeward, then base PHRF handicap numbers recommended for that type of course should be used.

5. Crew Weight: Our rating recommendations for PHRF numbers for J/Boats models designated as One Design DO NOT include crew weight limits. It is assumed that PHRF crew weight limits, if any, shall apply equally to all types of boats racing in a given PHRF area, and that One Design designation only applies to the boat, rig and sails. Therefore One Design Class Rules regarding crew weight should not apply when racing PHRF if these rating recommendations are used.

PHRF ratings of the “control” J/Boats may vary somewhat from one PHRF area to another. The PHRF numbers shown are what seem to be typical for these boats nationally. If the PHRF number shown here is different for the applicable “control” boat in your area, apply the difference to the relative rating of the J/Boat you are handicapping. For instance, if the J/35 rates 66 in your area rather than 72, as shown on the attached table, the number for the J/Boat you are rating would be six s/m less than what is shown.

If you have specific questions or would like to discuss these recommendations further please contact either Alan or Rod Johnstone by completing an inquiry form (in the top or bottom menu) or by calling the J/Boats office directly at 401-846-8410.


Buoy Racing Set Marks
Boat Model Rig & Configuration Control Boat Special Notes Triangular WWD/LWD
J/145 Carbon mast J44 8.5' sprit, rf, 256 sqm Asail -18 -15
J/125 Carbon mast J44 8.5' sprit, rf, 175 sqm Asail -3 0
J/160 Deep Draft, carbon mast J44 7.0' sprit, rf, 265 sqm Asail -3 3
J/160 7' draft, carbon mast J44 7.0' sprit, rf, 265 sqm Asail 3 12
J/133 Standard J44 6.75' sprit, rf, 186 sqm Asail 18 24
J/130 Carbon mast J44 7.0' sprit, rf, 200 sqm Asail 21 24
J/130 6'9" draft, carbon mast J44 7.0' sprit, rf, 200 sqm Asail 27 33
J/44 One Design, aluminum mast CONTROL   27 27
J/122 & J/122E One-Design, carbon mast J44 7.0' sprit, rf, 155 sqm Asail, 110% Jib 30 33
J/124 7' draft, carbon mast J44 No sprit, rf, 120 sqm Asail 36 39
J/44 6.5' shoal draft J44 UFO keel 36 42
J/46 7.6' draft J44 No sprit, rf, 170 sqm Asail 33 39
J/46 6.0' shoal draft J44 No sprit, rf, 170 sqm Asail 48 54
J/111 One Design, carbon mast J44 8.0' sprit, 130 sqm Asail, 106% Jib 39 42
J/90 Carbon mast J35 7.3' sprit, 112 sqm Asail 51 51
J/39 Aluminum mast J35 51 51
J/120 Carbon mast J35 7.0' sprit, rf, 165 sqm Asail 51 54
J/120 5.75' shoal draft J35 7.0' sprit, rf, 165 sqm Asail 57 63
J/112E PHRF base 6.9' draft, aluminum mast J35 6.7' sprit, rf 60 63
J/41 IOR Aluminum mast J35 various rig config, forward lead removed 66 66
J/37 Standard Draft, aluminum mast J35 69 69
J/37 5.2' shoal draft J35 UFO keel 84 90
J/109 PHRF base, aluminum mast J35 5.5' sprit, rf, 155% genoa,121 sqm Asail 69 72
J/35 One Design, aluminum mast CONTROL    72 72
J/109 One Design, aluminum mast J35 5.5' sprit, rf, 108 sqm Asail 78 81
J/42 6.5' draft, carbon mast J35 No sprit, rf, 140 sqm Asail off bow 81 87
J/42 5.4' draft J35 No sprit, rf, 140 sqm Asail off bow 90 96
J/105 PHRF base, aluminum mast J35 5.5' sprit, rf, 110 sqm Asail 81 84
J/105 One Design J35 100% jib, 5.5' sprit, 89 sqm Asail 90 96
J/100 PHRF base, carbon mast J35 No sprit, rf, 80 sqm Asail off bow 81 87
J/100 One Design, carbon mast J35 100% jib, rf, 80 sqm Asail off bow 90 96
J/105 Shoal Draft ******* Add 6 sec/mile to any of J105 standard versions **
J/40 6.5' draft, aluminum mast J35    84 90
J/40 5.4' draft J35 UFO keel 93 99
J/33 One Design J35    81 81
J/36 One Design J35 81 84
J/88 One Design J92 105% LP jib, 95 sqm Asail 84 87
J/110 6.0' draft carbon mast J35 5.5' sprit, rf, 140 sqm Asail 93 99
J/35c 6.5' draft aluminum mast J35    96 96
J/108 PHRF base, alu mast. 4.0' draft, keel/centerboard J35 1.6' fixed sprit, 97 sqm Asail 96 102
J/92s One Design, aluminum mast J29MO 5.5' sprit, rf, 85 sqm Asail 99 102
J/97 & J/97E PHRF Base, aluminum mast J29MO Standard sprit, 106%LP & 112 sq.m. A-sail 105 102
J/92 PHRF Base, aluminum mast CONTROL 5.5' sprit, rf, 91 sqm Asail 105 108
J/95 PHRF Base, alu mast. 3.5' draft, keel/centerboard J29MO 4.6' sprit, 83 sqm Asail 108 111
J/29 m/o One Design CONTROL Masthead, outboard version 111 111
J29 f/o One Design J29MO Fractional outb'd, 12.5' SPL, 163% genoa 114 114
J29 f/o PHRF Base J29MO Fractional outb'd, 11.5' SPL, 120 120
J29 Inboard Versions     Add 6 s/m to equivalent outboard version   
J34c 5.4' draft, aluminum mast J29MO UFO keel 114 120
J34 IOR 3/4 tonner, aluminum mast J29MO Inside IOR lead forward of bkhd removed 114 114
J/80 PHRF base, aluminum mast J29MO 6.5' sprit, rf, 65 sqm Asail 114 117
J/70 One Design J80 One Design rig and sails 117 120
J/80 One Design, aluminum mast CONTROL 6.5' sprit, rf, 65 sqm Asail 120 123
J/27 One Design, aluminum mast J29MO    120 120
J/32 6.0' draft, aluminum mast J30OD No Sprit, rf, 70 sqm Asail 126 132
J/32 4.75' draft J30OD No Sprit, rf, 70 sqm Asail 132 138
J/30 One Design CONTROL 163% genoa, 12.5' Pole, 22.5' SMW 138 138
J/30 PHRF Base J30OD 11.5' pole 144 144
J/28 5.0' draft, aluminum mast J24OD    171 177
J/24 One Design CONTROL    171 171
J/22 PHRF Base J24OD 9.0' SPL 177 177
J/22 One Design J24OD 9.0' SPL, class jib 183 183

Ratings above assume average wind speed of 8 to 12 knots. Maximum genoa and spinnaker sizes conform with PHRF norms, except where shown. Ratings valid relative to Control Boat listed. Crew weight maximums according to local PHRF regulations. Sprits all non-articulating.